Build recruiter quality talent pipelines at job board prices.

Created by hiring managers for hiring managers, StepLadder makes it easy to source amazing entry-level candidates.

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👉 StepLadder helps you source junior-level talent in less time than a job board and at 4% the cost of a recruiter.

🙌 Welcome to a better way to hire

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Only receive candidates that are qualified for the job.

You select the skills they need, we deliver candidates that match your criteria. No open application process. No ineligible candidates.
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Get matched to candidates based on actual skills.

See what candidates can really do. With StepLadder, candidates attach projects to every skill on their profile.
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Review projects and portfolios—not just resumes.

Evaluate candidates based on their work, not the keywords they’ve put on their resume to trick ATS scanners.
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Reach candidates who are looking… and those who aren’t.

Don't limit yourself to active job seekers. StepLadder presents your jobs to matches who are open to new opportunities.
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Build a more diverse talent pool.

StepLadder is designed to showcase merit and grit over where a candidate grew up or what school they went to.

StepLadder vs. The Competition

Job Boards

  • 250+ Candidates to Review
  • No Pre-Qualification
  • On-Market Candidates Only

$0-795 / job


  • 20-30 Candidates to Review
  • High Pre-Qualification
  • On-Market + Off-Market Candidates

$499 / job


  • 5-10 Candidates to Review
  • Very High Pre-Qualification
  • On-Market + Off-Market Candidates

$10,200 / job*

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