🤔 What does a Elevator Mechanic do?

Elevator mechanics repair and maintain elevators. It's an interesting job that is unlikely to be automated, it also pays well but doesn't require an expensive education.

💸 Elevator Mechanic salary and job market

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📈 10-Year Growth


🤖 Automation Risk


🙎 What it's like to be a Elevator Mechanic

Chances are you’ve stood in an elevator before and wondered what would happen if a cable snapped on the way to the 15th floor. 

Elevator mechanics are the people who make sure you don’t have to worry about that. They do exactly what their name suggests—maintain and repair elevators. 

Becoming an elevator mechanic requires 4-year paid apprenticeship, so you’re making money while you’re learning instead of potentially racking up debt. 

Like many other trades, it involves an important but often overlooked (and therefore understaffed) function in society. As a result, elevator mechanics make good money, especially considering they don’t need a college degree.