Enterprise Sales

🤔 What does a Enterprise Sales do?

Enterprise salespeople sell large products to large companies (enterprises). As an enterprise salesperson, your job is to close big deals that make your company (and you) lots of money

💸 Enterprise Sales salary and job market

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🤖 Automation Risk

Moderately Low

🙎 What it's like to be a Enterprise Sales

Enterprise salespeople work for any company that sells a large product, such as software or big machinery, to big corporations. Enterprise salespeople are experts at finding the right people to talk to at big companies and then convincing them to buy their product or service. 

If you have the personality for sales, working as an enterprise salesperson can be very challenging and rewarding. You’re going after big accounts, talking to important decision makers, and making high-stakes presentations. Your work wins millions of dollars in revenue for your company. 

Becoming an enterprise salesperson is primarily about proving your sales ability. Relevant industry experience is always an advantage as well. You have to get some experience selling to smaller accounts or working in a sales support role before you get a shot at the enterprise level.

Enterprise sales often requires lots of travel, since you will be assigned a large territory you are responsible for. If you like the idea of wearing suits, flying often, and chasing big business deals, enterprise sales could be a great fit. It’s a high pressure environment, but when you’re successful, you’re compensated extremely well. 

Base salary doesn’t vary much my experience level—a substantial portion (if not the majority) of your income will come from commission and bonuses.

What you make will depend on your industry, sales ability, territory size, and compensation structure.  In general enterprise salespeople make between $100,000 and $250,000. Top-tier performers can make over $400,000 per year.