Step-by-Step Plan for Becoming a Full-Stack Developer


The road to becoming a full-stack developer can be intimidating. There are a ton of programming languages, frameworks, and systems out there. Where do you start?

Your first goal should be to gain the skills and knowledge to build simple, fully-functioning applications. There are many different ways to do this, including:

  1. Getting a computer science degree

  2. Enrolling in a coding bootcamp

  3. Teaching yourself through online courses

No matter what route you take, you need to be curious and excited to create software that solves problems.

You’ll also need a portfolio to land jobs. Complete the steps below, and you will be in a good position for a career as a full-stack developer.

Financial Recommendation

Keep student loan debt below $89,384. This will ensure your student loan debt-to-starting salary ratio is below 1.25x.

Assuming a 6.8% interest rate and 10-year loan repayment, your maximum monthly payment would be $1,029 or 17% of a starting salary of $71,507.

Career Plan

🎓 Education

You don’t have to get a degree to become a developer—but it can help establish a stronger base of foundational knowledge.

💵  Cost: $35,348 - $172,256

⏳  Time: 4 years

🗃 Hard Skills

From the very beginning, you should use a source control process. Source control—with Git being the most popular—provides an environment for storing, modifying, and collaborating on applications.

💵  Cost:  Free! 

⏳  Time: 1-3 hours

HTML and CSS are what you will use to visually structure websites. These two components are core principles in web development.

💵  Cost: $0 - $139

⏳  Time: 10-30 hours

🔖  Projects to build your portfolio

HTML and CSS provide the visual structure for websites, Javascript provides the functionality. Javascript is an essential component in modern web development. It is used for the front-end and the back-end (NodeJS).

💵  Cost: $0 - $139

⏳  Time: 30-300 hours

Most front-end development is now accomplished using a Javascript framework. There are several different options, including ReactJS, Angular, and Vue—with React being the most popular.

💵  Cost: $0 - $100

⏳  Time: 2-300 hours

The back-end is what happens behind the scenes. It’s the algorithms, logic, and interactions with databases that get translated to the front-end.

💵  Cost: $0 - $85

⏳  Time: 1-48 hours

Databases are where you will write and store information to be accessed later. They are a key component of nearly every application.

💵  Cost: $0 - $95

⏳  Time: 1-20 hours

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are a set of tools for building applications. APIs allow programs and components of programs to communicate and pass data between one another.

💵  Cost: $0 - $139

⏳  Time: 30-300 hours

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