Personal Trainer

🤔 What does a Personal Trainer do?

Want to work out for a living? Consider being a personal trainer. Personal trainers work in one-on-one situations with clients who want to improve their physical fitness. They design exercise programs to help clients achieve their goals, then work out beside them, providing instruction on correct form, encouragement, and accountability.

💸 Personal Trainer salary and job market

💵  Entry Salary


💵  Senior Salary


📈 10-Year Growth


🤖 Automation Risk

Moderately Low

🙎 What it's like to be a Personal Trainer

Personal training can be a challenging job. Whether you work in a commercial gym or your own studio, you also have to proactively sell your services. Nobody hands you clients, and income can be unstable since it depends entirely on how many clients you have and how often they train with you.

Not only that, but most clients will want to train either early in the morning or after work in the evening, so those will be the times when you’re working the most. 

When done correctly, however, personal training can be very rewarding. Successful trainers have flexible schedules, make good money, and spend their time building relationships with people and helping them achieve their goals.

🏢 What companies look for in a Personal Trainer


To become a personal trainer, you’ll first need to be in great shape and have experience with different training methods. Next, you’ll need to get certified through an accredited certification agency. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field like biology or kinesthesiology is not required, but can be very helpful.