🤔 What does a Veterinarian do?

Veterinarians are animal doctors, with everything that entails–conducting checkups, care for wounds and injuries, diagnosing chronic conditions, administering vaccinations, and prescribing medication.

Like human doctors, veterinarians can specialize in different areas, such as surgery. There are vets who take care of companion animals, but also vets who work in labs, as food and safety inspectors, or as disease researchers.

💸 Veterinarian salary and job market

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🙎 What it's like to be a Veterinarian

Being a veterinarian doesn't just mean petting dogs all day though. There are some tough parts of the job as well. You’ll have to deal with unruly animals and negligent owners, you’ll have to see animals in a lot of pain, and when it’s required, you’ll also have to put animals down. You’ll deal with poo, pee, and puke. Like other healthcare professions, being a vet takes a strong stomach. 

To become a veterinarian, you’ll need a four-year degree with good grades (3.5 GPA or better) to get accepted to veterinary school. Vet school is another four years where you’ll earn your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

After vet school, you’ll take the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam to become a licensed vet. You might decide to pursue further specialization (such as surgery), or you may decide to start working as a general practitioner.